Sanatoria 2020: Beware of scams !


A campaign is underway for the emergence of labor relations and the regularization of undocumented migrant workers. What is generally called Sanatoria.

This Santoria concerns only immigrants who work in agriculture, fishing, assistance and care for people (called: badanti) and domestic collaborators (Colf).

A good but very insufficient thing

As you know, there are many workers in many sectors: construction, logistics, trade, tourism, catering, light industry … who want to regularise their situation.

As it happened in previous years, many will try to find contracts in agriculture or in domestic collaboration. Many are also ready to pay to obtain these contracts and finally get out of the nightmare of irregularity.

An understandable choice, dictated by need. But there are many dangers behind this choice, especially when unknown people ask for very high prices to “resolve the problem”.

Beware of scams !!!

It has happened several times in the past in Italy. Many trusted the wrong people, paid large sums, without having guarantees, without getting well informed.
In the end thousands were cheated. They have lost big amounts of money. And some of them also had criminal complaints for having produced a false document !!!

If someone makes a contract, he must sign it in your presence and give you a photocopy of their documents (identity card),

Registration remains open until 15 August 2020 take the time to get well informed

Do not take advice from people who are unknown or who are not well informed!

Before making mistakes that can cost you dearly, inquire, ask for advice from specialized offices and branches (trade unions, patronages, associations …)

Leggi la guida alla “Sanatoria” 2020




Info and Contatti


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